Gunman robs Bounty Supermarket in Kitty

Bounty supermarket in Kitty where the robbery occurred.

A lone gunman, posing as a customer, yesterday afternoon carted off an undisclosed amount of cash and phone cards from the Bounty Supermarket Kitty outlet.

An official of the supermarket, who wished not to be named confirmed with Stabroek News that the incident took place at around 3 pm.

“It was a robbery. I won’t deny that. It did happened but I am very thankful that nobody was hurt”, the woman said.

She explained that the unmasked bandit entered the supermarket and enquired from a staffer where the drinks cooler was situated.

He then proceeded toward the location but did not open the door. Rather, he turned around and proceeded to the cashiers’ area where he whipped out a firearm and demanded that the three cashiers on duty hand over the cash.

“He was just brandishing the gun so of course everyone got scared and abided with him”, the woman said.

She said the cashiers opened the cash registers after which the bandit proceeded to empty the cash. “He just scramble with one hand whatever he want in his pocket and then he just exit out”, the woman said.

The gunman later escaped.

The police were summoned and they promptly responded.

Up to late yesterday afternoon they were still at the scene carrying out investigations.

The incident was captured on surveillance cameras.

Stabroek News understands that at the time, a few customers were present in the supermarket. However, they were not targeted by the gunman.

 “…Like really fast. Like quick, quick, like before you coulda blink your eye it was done”, the woman recalled.


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