‘Whistle’ now charged with armed robbery, assaulting cops, discharging firearm

Twenty-eight-year-old former murder accused, Leon Duncan called ‘Whistle,’ found himself before the courts again yesterday, this time on charges of armed robbery, assaulting policemen and discharging a loaded firearm. 

Duncan was lifted into the courtroom on a gurney to answer the charges. 

The first charge alleged that Duncan on July 14th, at Second Street, Alberttown robbed Nickel Pinkerton of one gold chain valued $98,000 and at the time of, before or after used personal violence on the said Nickel Pinkerton. 

Leon Duncan being carried down the stairs of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court by policemen.

It was also alleged that on April 15th, at the National Gymnasium he discharged a loaded firearm. 

Another charge alleged that on August 25th, at Leopold Street, he unlawfully assaulted Oswyn Shepherd, a peace officer acting in the execution of his duties. 

Duncan was also charged with assaulting peace officer, Deon Bascom who was acting in the execution of his duties.  Duncan denied all the allegations laid against him.

The man also faced a joint charge with a 25-year-old father of three, Wayne Lawrence. The joint charge alleged that the men on August 25th at Hadfield Street, robbed Shazeeda Hussain of $90,000 cash.

Both men pleaded not guilty to the charge. 

Duncan’s Attorney, Keoma Griffith in an application for reasonable bail told the court that his client had sustained an injury to his upper right thigh, the result of a gunshot from one of the police officers who were trying to apprehend him. Griffith further stated that Duncan was taken to the hospital on the 25th of August and upon the insistence of the police, discharged on the 28th. He further stated that his client can barely do things for himself and he does not believe that the Guyana Prison system has the necessary systems in place to facilitate his recovery. 

Police Prosecutor Quinn Harris objected to bail being granted based on the seriousness of the offences and the penalties they attract if the accused is found guilty. Facts in relation to the matters which occurred on August 25th stated that Duncan and Lawrence, on the day in question, approached Hussain and demanded cash from her. She then refused and Duncan hit her, relieved her of her cash and escaped in a waiting vehicle. 

Two cops, who were around at the time, reported the matter to the Brickdam Police Station. After receiving information they went to Leopold Street where they attempted to arrest Duncan who resisted. Whilst trying to disarm one of the officers Duncan was shot. 

Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman then adjourned the matters until September 26th. Both men were remanded to prison, and Duncan was granted $100,000 bail on the charges of assaulting officers and discharging a loaded firearm.

Duncan was acquitted in 2016 of the murder of Imtiaz Roopnarine at the Cool Square Hotel after a 12-member jury unanimously found him not guilty of the murder.

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