City Hall mulls dedicated garbage collection service for schools

The Georgetown City Council is mulling a special arrangement to cater for garbage collection from schools when the new school term begins, Town Clerk Royston King says.

On the sidelines of a statutory meeting on Monday, King explained that the council previously received numerous complaints from head teachers of public schools about garbage not being picked up in a timely manner.

“We have been receiving reports from head teachers that our schools are not being cleared on time and collection and disposal are somewhat tardy…,” he noted.

King said City Hall has spoken with its garbage collectors and it was suggested by the contractors that a special contractor be given the task of collecting garbage from the schools.

“We have approached the major contractors and they have said it might be better for us to have someone deal with the schools and this is what we are looking at…,” King stated, while noting that City Hall is currently calculating how much it would cost.

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