As new school year looms, shoppers grapple with more than usual deals

A parent fits his child with a boot on Regent Street yesterday. (Terrence Thompson photo)

A pair of shoes, durable, comfortable and just the right kind of stylish, is what teacher Akila was looking for yesterday.

A trained Primary-level teacher who had participated in the teachers’ strike last week, Akila (only name given), is returning to the classroom on Monday since she is afraid that the Education Ministry’s contingency plan for the ongoing teachers’ strike could have irreparable impact on her learners.

“The children will be the one punishing and I have an exam class… the Minister said they are going to get persons from the PTA [Parent-Teachers Association] to go into school and possibly have double sessions that made me go back out to work. I have an exam class, I always have an exam class and I can’t have that so I just went out,” she explained when Sunday Stabroek spoke with her yesterday…..

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