Four Miles village leaders seek answers over move to set up community council

Leaders of Four Miles, in the Matarkai Sub-Region of Region One, are now seeking answers on ongoing efforts by fellow villagers to establish a Community Development Council (CDC) on titled village land.

Toshao Lloyd Adolphus told Sunday Stabroek that a small number of residents have been pushing for the establishment of the CDC with the claim that there is a “buffer zone” within the community, which received its land title from the government in 2015.

However, Adolphus noted that in addition to the fact that those residents all reside on titled land, he would have even reached out to the Junior Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Valerie Garrido-Lowe during a visit by her and was told that such a situation could not occur. As a result, he said he does not understand why efforts are still ongoing to set up the CDC…..

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