Bladen Hall Multilateral third former to have club feet corrected

RC Allen, Shebena (second from left), Dr Slater Jeffrey, her brother, mother and Ernest Elliot (Region Four photo)

Shebena Belle, a fifteen year old  Bladen Hall Multilateral third former, who was born with club feet that have  prevented her from walking properly will soon realise her dream of being able to walk normally again thanks to the intervention of Dr Slater Jeffrey, an overseas-based Guyanese

“One year ago I had a heart transplant so I have somebody else’s heart in me. I then decided to start a campaign so that something is done for this child and therefore I mobilised a team of persons to help and was directed to the HERO mission,” Dr Jeffrey was quoted as saying

Giving an insight into the project, Dr Jeffrey disclosed that in 2016 he was in Guyana on a mission to source pigeon peas seeds and during a visit to Bare Root, he met Shebena. He decided to help Shebena as he recognised that he himself  is privileged to be alive and therefore wanted to contribute to someone else’s life in an equally meaningful way, according to a Region Four Regional Democratic Council (RDC) release. ….

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