D Field Sophia House goes up in flames

-six homeless

Firemen working to demolish the D Field Sophia home which was destroyed by fire yesterday.

A family of six is now homeless after a mentally unstable relative alleged set their D Field Sophia home on fire.  According to witnesses at just after 3 pm,  smoke was observed emanating from the building and they rushed to douse the flames however a mentally unstable resident whose family resides in the home was attacked.

“He light the place on fire then come and sit on the stand right down dey and when we try to put it out he a pelt we with a big stone and then pull out a knife. He even try to run away but dem boy ketch he and put he in the van,” one witness related.

Those who observed the fire were unable to identify the alleged arsonist by name but noted that he regularly “trips out” and has arguments with his family including his sister, aunt and cousins who also occupy the home.

One witness explained that after receiving threats from her brother, the sister was in the process of moving out but had not yet removed her furniture and several other belongings which went up in flames.

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