Emergency works done on Wisroc Road

Recently rehabilitated Wisroc road (DPI photo)

Urgent repair works budgeted at $11.9m were recently done on the Linden-Lethem road between Wisroc and Rockstone Junction, according to the Department of Public information (DPI) .

The stretch of road which was once uneven and flooded during the rainy season is now a paved laterite road, DPI said on Tuesday.

Region Ten Engineer, Steve Dey said that the works were executed by International Import and Supplies and covered six kilometres of roadway.

Recently rehabilitated Cassuarina Drive (DPI photo)

“These works are as a result of the road deteriorating and several vehicles were often stuck when it rained heavily. So, the ministry decided to conduct emergency works to address this,” Dey told DPI. The upgrades were completed in July last.

Meanwhile, Cassuarina Drive, Mont-gomery Richmond Hill and Hospital Road Wismar are the three urban road projects slated for Linden in 2018. Dey said that so far rehabilitation work on Cassurina Drive has been completed, while the contractor is currently mobilising to begin repairs to Montgomery, Richmond Hill and Hospital Road, Wismar.


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