[Video] Teachers call off strike

-as gov’t agrees to arbitration to settle dispute over wages, benefits

From left with the signed documents are the GTU’s Coretta McDonald and Mark Lyte, Chief Labour Officer Charles Ogle and Education Minister officials Adele Clarke and Marcel Hutson. (Terrence Thompson photo)

The nationwide teachers’ strike has come to an end after the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) and the Ministry of Education (MoE) yesterday agreed to take their dispute over wages and non-salary benefits to arbitration.

“We have signed on to terms of resumption… the union will be calling the strike off with immediate effect. For those who can, they will return to work tomorrow [today] but we are sure that full resumption will be on Monday,” GTU President Mark Lyte told reporters yesterday.

The terms signed on to by the parties to the dispute further indicate that there will be no victimisation by either side; there shall be no loss of pay and seniority and the status quo ante, that is, the conditions in relation to wages, salaries and non-salary benefits which existed before the strike will prevail…..

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