AG urges whistleblowers to come forward

-but funding still to be secured for full implementation of law

Attorney General Basil Williams

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Basil Williams SC on Monday urged “whistleblowers” to come forward with whatever information they may have, although he said government is still seeking to source funding to fully implement the protections which were approved by the National Assembly at the start of the year.

“They can blow the whistle. There should be normal protection under the law and anyone who wants to blow the whistle, feel free to come forward and blow the whistle,” Williams told reporters at a press conference on Monday. In January, the National Assembly by acclamation passed the Protected Disclosures Bill in order to protect persons making specified disclosures of improper conduct, in good faith and in the public interest, from detrimental action. During the press conference, Williams was asked about the implementation of the law and others, including the Juvenile Justice Bill…..

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