Recaptured teen awaiting sentence for escape from Sophia juvenile centre

A teen who escaped from the Juvenile Holding Centre at Sophia last month was yesterday charged with escaping from lawful custody, which he admitted.

The 16-year-old was sent to the facility in April after he was charged with the possession of two firearms and ammunition.

However, with his escape, he faced a new charge yesterday at an in-camera hearing at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

It was alleged that on August 9th, while in lawful custody, he escaped from the Sophia Juvenile Holding Centre.

The teen pleaded guilty.

He was subsequently remanded to the Holding Centre until a hearing slated for September 28th, when a probation report is expected to presented prior to his sentencing.

The teen had escaped from police custody in April when he was under investigation for the unlawful possession of the firearms and ammunition. He was later taken back into custody.

In August, the Ministry of Public Security issued a press statement seeking the public’s assistance to find the teen, after he escaped from the Centre. The statement explained that security footage from the Centre was reviewed and it showed the teen walking towards the administration building and he was later seen exiting through the back door.

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