Causes of Region Two power problems still being examined – GPL CEO

Chief Executive Officer Albert Gordon, seated next to Regional Vice-Chairperson Juliet Coonjah, during a meeting with members of the Region Two Regional Democratic Council yesterday. (Department of Public Information photo)

Although the Guyana Power and Light Incorporated (GPL) has managed to stabilise the power supply in Region Two, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Albert Gordon yesterday said it is still analysing the root causes of the recent extensive power outages in the region.

“There’s still some root cause analysis being done by the technical team from both MACORP and GPL, but we’ve managed to stabilise the situation. We moved a number of units from Canefield and they became the backbone. As things stand we have those three units functioning well, along with two other units and we can meet the demands,” Gordon was quoted as saying by Department of Public Information (DPI) at a meeting yesterday with Regional Vice-Chairperson Juliet Coonjah and regional councillors at the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) office in Anna Regina.

The DPI reported Gordon as explaining that the recent load shedding, which resulted in the region experiencing extensive power outages, was unfortunate and inconsistent with GPL’s vision and mission. He assured, however, that efforts were intensified to rectify the situation as early as possible.

The report added that the discussion focused on the type of units being used, the type and amount of fuel being used, the possibility of renewable energy, sourcing electricity from private operators, the effectiveness of renting units rather than owning and compensation for losses during recent during power outages.

Gordon, it said, noted that unfortunately the units do not adapt and protect themselves during emergencies. He further explained that they utilise light fuel oil, which is more expensive and inefficient.

He also indicated that claim forms are available at GPL’s office for any damage suffered during recent power outages.

The CEO assured that Anna Regina will see a continued improvement in the service as GPL implements a long-term plan, the report added.

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