Majority of National Ophthalmology Hospital rehab works completed

-Region 6’s Director of Health Services

With the majority of the slated rehabilitation works completed for the National Ophthalmology Hospital at Port Mourant, Corentyne, it is expected to resume full operation in a few weeks’ time, according to Region Six’s Director of Regional Health Services Jevaughn Stephens. 

Stephens told Stabroek News that presently minor laser surgeries, screening and testing, among other things, are being done at the hospital, which has about 16 staff members. “We still awaiting some more cataract kits to start doing cataract surgeries. We do anticipate within weeks we would be able to rectify the same,” he said. 

PPP/C councillor, Zamal Hussain recently suggested that mechanisms be put in place to have the Region Six Regional Democratic Council (RDC) supervise the facility, while criticising the delay in the resumption of full operations…..

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