Man who stole boss’ jewellery freed after family makes restitution

Videsh Hansraj

A man was yesterday freed of a charge of stealing from his boss after his family decided to pay compensation.

As a result, Videsh Hansraj, 32, was reprimanded and discharged. Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan told him that he was lucky and that even though the complainant was paid, it did not make him any less guilty of committing the offence. She also placed him on a bond to keep the peace for 12 months.

The charge that had been instituted against Hansraj had stated that on September 6th, at Bent Street, Wortmanville, he broke and entered the dwelling home of Omesh Boodram and stole an 18-pennyweight gold chain, valued $80,000, a four-pennyweight gold chain, valued $40,000, and a four-pennyweight gold ring, valued $40,000.

When the charge was initially read to him by Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman, Hansraj pleaded guilty.

The matter was, however, transferred to the Chief Magistrate’s court after Magistrate Latchman recused herself from hearing it.

Police prosecutor Quinn Harris told the court that the accused and the complainant are known to each other as Hansraj was employed by Boodram.

He noted that on the day of the theft, at about 7 am, Boodram secured his home, leaving his jewellery in his bedroom, and went out. Hansraj was left in his workshop.

About 3 pm, Boodram returned to his home and Hansraj told him that he was feeling unwell and left. When Boodram went into his bedroom, he observed that his jewellery box was not the way that he left it and he immediately checked the box and observed that the jewellery mentioned in the charge was missing.

Harris said the matter was reported and Hansraj was arrested and he admitted to the offence in a written caution statement.

Boodram told the court that he was willing to settle as the accused mother offered to pay him for the items that were stolen.


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