Bandit shoots mourner during robbery at wake

An Enterprise, East Coast Demerara man is currently at home recovering after he was shot on Wednesday night by a bandit, who attacked him at a wake.

The Ramitt family was observing the last night of a wake for a family member at Triumph, also on the East Coast, when the bandit, who arrived on a bicycle, attacked and shot Allan Ramitt during a scuffle.

According to the man’s daughter, who did not want to be named, she along with three other persons, including her brother, were standing at the front of the yard around 8.30 pm when the lone bandit appeared on his bicycle and commanded them to “stop, right there.”

Despite the man’s instructions, the woman explained that she ran inside and informed the rest of family what was happening. “He tell we to stop but I run inside and tell everyone there was a thief in front,” the woman recounted.

Shortly after, Ramitt rushed to the front of the yard, where he noticed the bandit pointing the gun to his brother and a scuffle ensued. During the scuffle, a round was discharged, which hit Ramitt to one of his thighs.

After shooting Ramitt, the bandit was able to escape with two cellular phones and $40,000 in cash. Ramitt was rushed shortly after to the George-town Public Hospital, where he was treated.

Ramitt is currently recovering at his Enterprise home.

While the attack has left the residents of Dr. Miller Street, Triumph, in fear, one resident related to Stabroek News yesterday afternoon that it was not the first time a “bicycle bandit” has pounced on someone from the area.

In fact, he said that some hours before the attack, two men were also robbed by an armed bandit on a bicycle some distance away. He added that over the last few months there have been a spate of robberies.

“It does happen nuff. At the back and front and all over. They does got people on bicycle and they does got guns and cutlasses and they does deh harassing people all the time. People does scared to walk in and out because is any and everybody they robbing,” the resident explained.

Up to yesterday, the police had not yet apprehended anyone.

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