Mini mart labourer dies after stabbed in scuffle

A labourer of 60 Freeman Street, East La Penitence who reportedly attacked and fought with a fellow villager with whom he had an argument yesterday, is now dead, the police said today.

Investigations revealed that Matthew Parks, 20, of 214 Freeman Street, East La Penitence was on duty at a Mini Mart located at D’Urban and Chapel streets, Lodge when the now deceased Roger Allen, 23 went to the aforementioned Mart to make a purchase. During that process, the two had an exchange of words due to a misunderstanding and Allen subsequently left.

Around 5 pm, as Parks exited his work place, he was confronted by Allen who was reportedly armed with a piece of wood and a knife. A scuffle ensued and both men received injuries. They were escorted to the GPHC, where Allen underwent emergency surgery for two suspected stab wounds but later succumbed.

 Parks who was treated and discharged, is in police custody, assisting with the investigation.   


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