Kuru Kuru residents protest for rehab works on perilous access road

Parents and residents of Kuru Kuru, Soesdyke-Linden Highway, with their placards yesterday, standing in front of the first pothole at the start of the access road.

Scores of residents yesterday protested the hazardous state of the Kuru Kuru access road and they vowed to keep their children from school until the authorities take action.

Over 50 parents and even more students from the Kuru Kuru Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools planted themselves along the access road from as early as 8 am, with placards in hand, and they protested until 3 pm.

The residents, who are parents of children attending the three schools, said that their frustration reached its limit after a bus that was filled with more than 40 school children, teachers and some parents almost toppled over on the road while taking them to the school last Wednesday…..

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