Former sugar workers urge gov’t to honour severance promise

The workers protesting outside the PM’s office (GAWU photo)

Yesterday, some ex-workers from the Skeldon and Rose Hall estates picketed  outside of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo’s Region 6 Office at Port Mourant demanding that the Government settles outstanding severance payments to them.

A large number of workers who were made redundant my the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) last year received a portion of their severance in January this year with a pledge that the remainder would be paid in the second half of this year. With the end of September approaching, the payment is still to be made.

In a press release yesterday, the main sugar union, GAWU said “The workers who have been entitled to their payments since December 29, 2017 have only received half of their entitlements as the Administration simply, and unfortunately, did not cater to settle its obligations to the redundant workers. The workers shared that, at this time, they desperately need their outstanding monies to allow them to defray some of life’s obligations. The first half, they have informed, has already been exhausted. They pointed out that they were forced to rely on their severance payments to meet their obligations as they have not been able to secure steady, remunerative employment.”….

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