Ashmins store building for sale

The Ashmins building on the corner of Hadfield and High Streets yesterday

After decades, the Ashmins building on Hadfield and High Streets has been put on sale and owner Lennox John has cited personal reasons as one of the main factors for choosing to part ways with the store.

The store, which has been at the site since 1990 and renovated and expanded over seven years ago, has now been decorated with a large “Property for Sale by the Owner” sign.

Speaking to Stabroek News, John cited personal reasons as one of the factors regarding the decision to sell. “Really and truly, it’s my wife that owns it and she get big and them children don’t want to follow up in the business and that is the main reason. I’m at Splashmins and she in town,” he said.

John said any reasonable offer will be accepted. He pointed out that the store also comes with a developed parking lot, a manager’s house and a small training facility. He said the move was being contemplated by his wife for some time now.

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