Water ambulance to be handed over to Orealla 

The water ambulance

The community of Orealla in Region Six will soon receive a brand new water ambulance, which cost the government in excess of $20M, in order to help transport patients in and out of both the Orealla and Siparuta communities located up the Berbice River.

According to the Chairman of the Regional Health Committee in Region Six, Zamal Hussain, the person who was awarded the contract to provide the water ambulance handed it  over to the region sometime late last week. However, he noted, that presently checks are being made to ensure that the ambulance is up to standard.

“The region has not registered the water ambulance in the stores as yet because the last time we had some issues with the bulldozer, so what we are trying to do is have the technical persons to make sure that the water ambulance is working, in good condition and is properly equipped with whatever it had to be equipped with”, he stated.

Hussain noted, that once the technical persons give the go ahead that the ambulance is up to standard and has the necessary medical equipment it would be officially handed over to the communities to commence operation.

Additionally, Hussain stressed, that the much anticipated ambulance which was a 2017 budget allocation will benefit the communities tremendously.

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