Letter Kenny woman beaten, robbed in home invasion

A 62-year-old Letter Kenny Village, Corentyne woman was beaten and robbed when a lone intruder pounced on her in a pre-dawn attack on Tuesday.

Jasmattie Jagdatt was up early Tuesday morning and headed outside to pick flowers for prayers. However, when she returned to her kitchen, she was choked from behind. “When them choke me, them ask me for money and them tell me say them come for kill me,” Jagdatt told Stabroek News.

She said she tried to fight back. “Me scramble pon he hand and he choke me hard. After me deh fight back, he shove me down a ground,” she added.

Jagdatt related that she begged the perpetrator not to kill her because she was willing to give him her valuables. “Me ask and he say he want money. When me get up, me na able walk. He hold me to get the money and me had $15,000 in the purse and me give he am,” she added

She stated that she lost consciousness after the man escaped. She regained consciousness about one hour later. Afterward, she said she went to her hammock and lay in it until her husband got home. He then took her to the Port Mourant Public Hospital, where she received treatment.

The matter was reported to Whim Police Station, which is investigating.

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