Mayor criticises City Hall’s sloth in finalising pact with Stabroek Wharf vendors

-as council nears end of term

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between George-town’s municipality and the vendors from the Stabroek Market wharf to concretise the terms of their temporary relocation has been further delayed and Mayor Patricia Chase-Green has lashed out at the administration’s slothfulness.

Chase-Green, who expressed concerns that the delay may result in the council being unable to approve the MoU before its term comes to an end, received an update on the progress of the relocation of the vendors from acting Town Clerk Sharon Harry-Munroe on Monday.

Harry-Munroe informed the council that vendors are yet to peruse the drafted MoU and offer their comments. When that process is concluded, the document, inclusive of vendor feedback, is to be sent to the council’s attorney for the final draft to be tabled for approval at full council, she said…..

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