Woman stabbed to death in Corriverton by partner

Durn Hunt

A Corriverton man yesterday morning stabbed his girlfriend to death a short distance away from where they resided in Queenstown.

The man, Durn Hunt, 34, of Lot 108 Crane Street, Queenstown is in police custody after he stabbed Itashia Iranda Frank, 38, of Georgetown, whom he met three weeks ago. Stabroek News confirmed that the woman sustained three stabs in her neck as she attempted to fight her way out of the man’s reach.

According to residents, the couple was involved in an argument sometime around 9 am during which the man reportedly armed himself with a knife. However, upon seeing this, the woman immediately fled the yard but the suspect ran after her. Stabroek News was told that the man caught up with her at the head of Crane Street where he threw her into a nearby drain and stabbed her to death.

Itashia Iranda Frank

Residents who relayed that they were scared to rush to her assistance noted that they told the man to pick her up but he reportedly told them that he was too weak to pick her up. The woman’s body was submerged in water and mud until the police arrived on the scene.

The residents said that the woman was alive for some time. However, when the police arrived at the scene and rushed her to the Skeldon Public Hospital, she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The man was arrested sitting on the street above the drain while the murder weapon was retrieved from the drain after the woman’s body was removed.

According to persons in the area the man is of unsound mind. They said that he would sometimes suddenly start to fight residents in the area. According to sources, the man was deported from the USA some ten years ago and returned to the area to reside in his mother’s house. The sources said the unemployed man was being take care of financially by his mother and other relatives who are still abroad.

Frank met the man some three weeks ago at the Crimson Light Bar in Corriverton where she was employed. Information gathered suggests that the woman moved to Berbice about a month ago and was living at the bar where she was employed.

Durn Hunt (kneeling) being arrested by the police.

A close friend of the woman said, “She meet he and he give she money to take out she chain from the pawn shop and then two weeks ago she stop work and he carry she home…I warn her nuff time that he is a mad man because I see he when he trip out and walking this road and she say she like he, how she talking to he mother and he mother say let she stay with he that he need a girlfriend to take care  of he and them getting barrel”.

The friend said she last saw the couple last Wednesday around 8 pm when they came to the bar and purchased dinner. The friend said nothing seemed wrong between them.

The police have launched an investigation.

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