Yarrowkabra labourer killed after trying to protect woman

Nyron Vyphuis

A 19-year-old Circuit Ville, Yarrowkabra, Soesdyke/Linden Highway labourer was on Saturday evening fatally stabbed while intervening in a dispute between a man and his reputed wife.

Nyron Vyphuis was described by family members as a kind and willing young man who never caused trouble. The teen died after sustaining a stab wound to his stomach. According to the police, the fatal wound was allegedly inflicted by a 40-year-old vendor. The incident occurred at around 7pm on Saturday.

“Investigations revealed that the suspect was quarrelling with his common-law wife and was about to hit her when Vyphuis intervened and stopped him from hitting her,” the police said. “An argument ensued and the suspect allegedly inflicted a fatal stab with a knife to Vyphuis’ stomach.”

The suspect has since been arrested and is assisting with the investigation. The suspected murder weapon was retrieved.

Vyphuis’ cousin, who identified herself as Aunt Annie, told Stabroek News that he works with the suspect. Annie related that Vyphuis and the accused’s wife were walking back to a shop owned by the suspect when she saw him drinking with another woman and an argument ensued.

“When they come in, the lady husband been sitting by the shop drinking Guinness with another woman. She and she husband had a talking and he rush up fuh knock she and me cousin tell he ‘man you can’t knock she’,” she recounted.  Vyphuis intervened and Annie said the suspect then armed himself with an axe but the axe was taken away by a customer who was in the shop at the time.

She said the suspect then ran in the house, grabbed a large knife and stabbed Vyphuis. “He run in the house and get a long white handle knife and hold he by he jersey, push the knife in he and wring it,” she recounted. According to her, the knife was about 12 inches long.

The woman stated that she was waiting on Vyphuis to return home when two boys called her out of her home and told her what transpired. She then went through the track that is used to access the shop and saw Vyphuis’ lifeless body on the track.

As the family awaits the results of the autopsy that will be conducted on Monday, they are praying that justice is served.  (Shamar Meusa)


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