Contractor debarment regulations could still reach parliament for approval before year-end

Getting the draft regulations for debarment and suspension of contractors approved by the end of the year is still possible, Chairperson of the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) Carol Corbin told a stakeholder engagement yesterday.

The one-day meeting, which was the first in in a series of stakeholders’ engagements on the draft regulations, was hosted by the PPC yesterday at the Regency Suites on Hadfield Street and saw the participation of several national agencies.

Giving the opening remarks, Corbin explained the genesis of the draft regulations, which she had previously said would be at Parliament for approval by the end of the year. “I noted only recently that it was a year ago that the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) provided a copy of the draft suspension and debarment regulations for its review. I also recalled that in January this year I made a statement to the media that the Commission will take the requisite actions to ensure that these regulations would be approved by parliament by the end of 2018. On reflection, that was a very optimistic revelation on my part but as you listen to my presentation you will agree with me that it still can be achieved,” Corbin said…..