Sophia man fatally stabbed after bike row

Seon Harry

A 26-year-old man is now dead after he was stabbed by his friend yesterday morning following an argument over a bicycle and a box of food the night before.

According to the police, an investigation is being conducted into the murder of Seon Harry, 26, an unemployed man of Section ‘E’ South Sophia, who was allegedly stabbed by a 31-year-old man, around 9 am.

They said that investigations have revealed that sometime on Wednesday night, Harry borrowed the suspect’s bicycle and returned it after midnight which caused a “brief but heated exchange of words”.

However, yesterday morning, Harry was armed with a cutlass when he met the suspect on a dam and dealt several chops to his body. The suspect retaliated by drawing a knife and fatally stabbing Harry.

The two men were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where Harry was pronounced dead on arrival and the suspect received medical attention for his injuries.

Speaking to Stabroek News last night, an eyewitness related that Harry had borrowed the bicycle from the man, who was his friend, to purchase food for his pregnant girlfriend.

“He borrow the bicycle to go and like he tek lil long cause he went far and when he come back the other banna Darius (suspect) kick the food out he hand and ask he why he trouble the bicycle,” the man related, while stating that earlier the two men spent almost the entire day together chatting not too far from where Harry was fatally stabbed.

“So now he kick away the man food and they start arguing and Harry tell he ‘me and you is friend and you kick away me food cause I borrow you bicycle and thing. Tomorrow you gon gotto deal with it.’ So he get up this morning and moving around with a blade and come and ask me fuh a file and I said me ain’t got,” the eyewitness said.

He explained that after he refused to provide Harry with a file to sharpen his cutlass, the man approached another man where he was able to obtain one. He then spent some time sitting on the ground sharpening the blade until he noticed the suspect.

“He start going up the dam to reach Darius and when Darius see Harry coming to he, he get up and start walking towards Harry too. And right away when they meet up they start and Harry chop Darius must be to he face and somewhere else and Darius pull out the knife and stab he,” the man added.

After the suspect inflicted the blow to Harry; he ran in a western direction and continued running until the suspect stopped running behind him.

The eyewitness explained that when the suspect noticed that Harry was losing a lot of blood he stopped and returned home.

Harry reportedly collapsed in a yard and was rushed to the hospital while Darius turned himself in to the police and was also taken to the GPHC.

He is currently in custody and assisting with the investigation.

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