Cancer survivor, 76, hit by car during trip home from awareness event

Injured: Bibi Amina Hassan

A 76-year-old cancer survivor is currently hospitalised after she was allegedly struck down by a driver on Friday afternoon while returning home from a cancer awareness event.

Bibi Amina Hassan, of Lot 10 Bagotstown, East Bank of Demerara, who sustained injuries to her head and limbs, is currently admitted as a patient in the Female Surgical Ward of the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH). Her condition is listed as stable.

Sunday Stabroek understands that the accident occurred around 1.30 pm on Friday while Amina was crossing the Bagotstown Public Road to make her way home.

Her daughter, Bibi Saeedah Ahktar Hassan, related to this newspaper that they both attended a Breast Cancer Awareness forum at Ethnic Relations Commission earlier in the day.

She said Amina and another individual, who are both cancer survivors, had to speak at the event.

Afterward, her mother went to the Stabroek Market to purchase a few items. “By time I reach back to my office at Sheriff Street, like an hour after, I got a phone call from my sister saying that how somebody call and say that how mommy geh knock down right by Bagotstown there,” the daughter said.

She said after that call ended, she received another, this time from security officials at the Georgetown Public Hospital. “They said my mother gave them my number to call and that they got my mom purse and so if I can come down [to the hospital],” she recalled.

Saeedah said upon arrival at the hospital, she saw her mother, who was bleeding from her head. She also had cuts to her hands and feet.

A bone in her left foot is fractured. “She got a really hard hit. The head injuries was not serious, thankfully, but right now she can’t walk and so,” Saeedah said.

The driver, she said, had initially claimed that Amina was in the wrong but he was taken into custody after surveillance footage from nearby showed otherwise.

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