Missing Corentyne woman found dead in trench

Mangalam Chetram

A Reliance man, Mangalam Chetram was last evening found dead in his bottom house, while a woman, Samdai Persaud Samnarine who had been missing since Tuesday was found dead in a trench at Albion, Corentyne, sometime around 5 pm yesterday.

Chetram, also known as “Pensioner”, 47,  was of Lot 13 Reliance, East Canje Berbice. Stabroek News was told that the man was found with a laceration to the right side of his head.

According to residents, yesterday morning, while a few villages away, the man had an attack of fits and fell and hit his head.

Samdai Persaud Samnarine

The residents said his son picked him up around 11 am and brought him to the house, where he lived alone. They reported that he lay on the concrete for the entire day and was later discovered dead in the same spot.

A neighbour explained that she called on the man around 2 pm yesterday and noticed him opening his eyes. However, around 6 pm he was discovered to be dead.

Chetram, who was an alcoholic, was paid off from the Rose Hall Estate over two years ago. According to this daughter, Manisha Chetram, 18, her father would regularly suffer from fits and as such he could not continue to work and was paid out by the estate.

Chetram was a father of four.

Meanwhile, around 5 pm yesterday, Samnarine, also known as “Aunty Pato”, of Number 1 Village, Corentyne, was discovered dead in a trench at Albion, Corentyne.

According to information gathered, the woman went missing on Tuesday around 4 pm. Stabroek News was told that the sickly woman suffered from memory loss.

The police are conducting routine investigations into both matters.

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