Two East Canje men found dead in separate houses

Ivelaw Henry

Two East Canje men found dead in separate houses

Two East Canje men over the last two days were found dead in their houses located in Adelphi Village, East Canje, Berbice.

Ivelaw Henry Sr, 53, who lived alone, was discovered around 7.40 am on Tuesday  in his house located at Lot 3 Adelphi Village, East Canje, Berbice.

Sheldon Fortune

His son, Ivelaw Henry Jr, explained that around 6 am on Tuesday he was walking out his bird when he saw his father peeping from his window. The lad said, he hailed him up and went about his business.

However, he relayed, that after neighbours informed him that his father, who was employed at the Rose Hall Estate as a pump attendant, was not leaving for work, he decided to call on his father who did not respond to him. As such the son went to the Reliance Police Station and informed ranks there, who later accompanied him to break into the house.

“Got to be he was getting ready to go to work when he died”, the son said.

According to relatives, the senior Henry, who was a heavy drinker suffered from hypertension. Meanwhile, on Monday around 2.30 pm, Sheldon Fortune, 41, who resided at Lot 14 Adelphi Village, East Canje, Berbice, was discovered dead in his house.

According to information gathered, the man’s close friends, after noticing that he was not getting up on Monday morning broke into the house, where they then saw him sleeping on a mattress on the floor. However, around 2 pm, upon making a second check on the man, they discovered that he was dead.

A close friend said that on Sunday evening, Fortune, a known alcoholic, was complaining of headaches. “We offered to take him to the hospital but he didn’t want to go”, the friend said. No marks of violence were seen on the men’s bodies. However, the police are carrying out a routine investigation.

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