Cops working on tint policy

A policy on the use of tints on both private and law enforcement vehicles is being drafted and Police Commissioner Leslie James has said his administration will be pushing for it to be standardised to ensure a level playing field.

James told a news conference on Thursday that the Traffic Chief is tasked with drafting the policy, which will be published after it is completed.

Citizens have in the past raised concerns about vehicles owned by members of the Joint Services being heavily tinted, while civilians were being targeted by law enforcement for same. Concerns have also been raised over the fact that tinted windscreens make it difficult for drivers to have a clear view of the roadway.

On this note, James said the force will examine the use of tints and work to “standardise it and once it is standardised, I think the citizens will feel a little better that there is a level playing field.”

He added that he is aware of concerns raised by citizens. “I know it is something that keeps recurring and it is something we need to address because there are citizens who feel that they are at a disadvantage where they would see persons who might be policemen or military men who are by themselves carrying tint,” he said.

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