Government Analyst lists licensed water factories

-urges consumers to be vigilant

The Government Analyst–Food & Drug Department (GA-FDD) is calling on all water processing factories to conform to all of the department’s requirements as it relates to the sale and distribution of treated water in five- gallon bottles.

Manufacturers and distributors must have a valid licence. In addition,  bottles used must be properly cleaned, sanitized, labeled and sealed prior to sale and /or distribution, the GA-FDD said .

Consumers are asked when purchasing treated water from various sources to ensure that it is properly labelled and sealed, and to report any company that fails to comply with the requirement of the department.  Consumers making purchases should also demand to see a valid licence issued by the Food & Drug Department.

All premises that are involved in the processing, distribution, and sale of drinking water particularly in five- gallon bottles must be in possession of a valid licence, it said.

In August this year, the GA-FDD said a recent survey showed that over a third of water processing factories were unlicensed and some were selling water that failed bacterial and chemical tests. It promised  then to issue a list of the licensed factories.

Water processing factories that were licensed during the current year includes:

Ataro Purified Water      Lot 1200 Section A ( Block X) Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara.


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