Vergenoegen Secondary gets $18m improvements

The new annex at Vergenoegen Secondary School (DPI photo)

The Vergenoegen Secondary School is now benefiting from a $14M annex as well as a $4M canteen, guard hut and landfilled compound, according to the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Headteacher, Collette Joseph, in her report at the fourth graduation and prize-giving exercise, lauded the regional administration for the timely response in building the annex that provides much-needed space for learning.

“Our school has been cramped for years now and today we are now boasting the availability of space for all our classrooms. No longer are we seeing classrooms close to each other which didn’t even allow for proper breathing space but rather all our classrooms are now comfortable. The annex also has a spacious staff room that caters for all teachers, something we longed for before,” Joseph said, according to DPI.

The brand-new canteen (DPI photo)

She added “the new canteen brings in earnings for the school and assists from time to time with daily expenses. The guard hut was also a much-needed building since whenever it rains the guards had nowhere to shelter.”

Joseph also said that the yard was landfilled which reduces the likelihood of flooding. In the past, the school was prone to flooding as the land was very low.

The new guard hut at the school (DPI photo)

DPI said that the school saw 100 per cent passes in several subject areas with great improvements in Mathematics and English Language. Twelve students graduated with Donessa Campbell awarded as the best graduating student.


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