Social Protection Ministry intensifies human trafficking campaign

Tanisha Williams-Corbin

The Ministry of Social Protection’s (MoSP) Counter-Trafficking In Persons (C-TIP) Unit, on  Monday launched its Blu’ Resources campaign as part of its efforts to ensure  the message of combatting Trafficking in Persons reaches all communities.

“In 1838, African slavery was abolished. In recognition of this fact, our nation normally observes and celebrates under the name of emancipation… However, 180 years after emancipation, we are still today engaged in a fight against slavery we call it today, modern slavery,” Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection with responsibility for Labour, Keith Scott was quoted as saying.

According to a Department of Public Information release, Scott, who was speaking on behalf of Minister Amna Ally explained even as there is enacted legislation to tackle the scourge of TIP, it is necessary to go further with intensified promotion and awareness. He stated that this recommitted effort by the ministry is significant in combatting modern day slavery, the DPI release added.

Tanisha Williams-Corbin, Coordinator of the C-TIP Unit, remarked that the goal of all these initiatives is to develop a TIP-free society. She was quoted as saying, “We conducted school awareness drives, civil society awareness campaigns and youth empowerment educational sessions among other. The unit also implemented two new campaigns namely the Building the Bridge campaign which focuses on parents and helping them to understand the consequences of child exploitation and child labour and bridging the gap which is the other arm of the campaign.”  Williams-Corbin added that since the prevalence of TIP can sometimes go unnoticed, these measures and initiatives are relevant especially.

The C-TIP unit of the MoSP has launched a series of new initiatives and supporting campaigns against TIP. This includes the training of wardens, foreign affairs officers, geology and mines officers, community policing groups and senior teachers.

Blu’ Resources was launched under the slogan ‘Look Out, Speak Up, Take Down, Act against Trafficking in Persons’. Pamphlets, fliers, pens, t-shirts, key rings, cups, booklets among other items were prepared with the inclusion of the colour blue to help raise awareness and let victims know help is available.


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