D’Urban Street resident appeals for relief from clogged drain

The water which has settled on the roadway in front of Nannan’s grocery store and home.

A D’Urban Street, Lodge drain clogged by wastewater, is causing residents in the area worry, as the stagnant water has settled on the roadway.

The drain runs in front of Hansraj Nannan’s grocery shop. The man is concerned for the safety and health of his family, neighbours and customers.

When Stabroek News made a visit to the area on Friday, the drain was filled with water which had a greenish colour, horrible odour and appeared to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Nannan stated that because of the drain, water settles on the road and in a pothole which is situated right in front of his business place.

A section of the clogged drain that separates Nannan’s shop and his home.

He and another resident, believe that the drain is being clogged because of a new building that is being constructed about three homes away from his business. Nannan said that they had tried to reach out to the person who is responsible for the construction of the building but were told that they are not concerned about that. “We even went to the man that doing the construction and the man say he ain’t got no time with that,” Nannan related.

Nannan contacted Stabroek News, as he did not know what else to do after making complaints to the City Council and never hearing back from them.

 “We went to City Hall and I talk to a man, he said he would come and see what going on but he never come,” said Nannan. He then said that he even offered to bring the man to see but said he denied and related that he would come in his own time. The water, Nannan stated, does not move and got even higher due to the rains which fell Thursday night.

Nannan stated that the conditions are not healthy and that he hopes someone from the City Council or a higher authority can help to improve the condition of the drain.

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