Elderly woman guard bludgeoned by bandits in attack on ministry building

-motorbike, chain stolen from other guard

Some of the blood which was being washed away by the cleaners after police came to the scene.

An elderly woman guard stationed at the Ministry of Education, 68 Brickdam was bludgeoned yesterday morning and left bleeding by three bandits who invaded the facility and stole a motorbike and chain from another guard.

The two guards are employed by Strategic Action Security Services.

The attack occurred around 4 am when 44-year-old Robert Jackson was robbed of his valuables which included a motorcycle and Bibi Khan who is about 70-years-old was badly beaten and relieved of her valuables.

Blood spattered on the wall next to the bench that Bibi Khan was sitting on.

Jackson related to Stabroek News that the incident occurred at around 3.45 am or a bit after, when three masked men came in through the back of the building and ambushed him.

“One of them push a blade to my neck and another one push a gun or something he had to my side.” The man further stated that while they held him like that, they started asking for the keys for the motorcycle.

“They asking me for the bike key, them ain’t ask for keys to go in none of the buildings nothing at all, they just want the bike.” Jackson then said that while they continued demanding the keys for the motorcycle the third masked man started beating Khan with a bottle.

“They just stick me up but they beating she, so I said `man that lady ain’t got nothing. Look the bike keys deh here’. I give them the bike keys, they run through my pocket take out the keys, take out the money that I had and burst off my chain”,  said Jackson.

He added that the men attempted to make their escape on the motorcycle but they could not get it started so they pushed the motorcycle and made their escape on foot. Jackson stated that later yesterday he made a report to the police and they said that they had launched an investigation.

When Stabroek News visited the building, cleaners were seen washing the area down, where some amount of blood had clotted. According to another security guard who came on later yesterday morning to relieve Khan and Jackson who were on the night shift, the police had already visited the scene and did their initial investigations so they had started to clean the area.

A source revealed to Stabroek News that Khan had been discharged from the hospital after being treated in the emergency ward at the GPHC. She sustained injuries to her head and left the hospital with bandages.

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