Mobile counselling vehicle for schoolchildren commissioned

The first ever Mobile Psychosocial Unit will service schools in Region Four (DPI photo)

Minister of Education, Dr. Nicolette Henry yesterday commissioned Guyana’s first ever Mobile Psychosocial Unit.

The Department of Public Information said that Henry noted that schools’ psychosocial support services are intended to create a safe learning environment for children while enabling them to attain age-appropriate development.

“It is my expectation that led by the Welfare Unit [we] will go to where the children are and provide the services where they are needed,”  Henry said.

Funding for the mobile unit was sourced from the Ministry’s 2018 budget. Acting Deputy Chief Education Officer, Ingrid Trotman said the unit seeks to improve attendance in public schools.

“The focus of the mobile unit is to increase the learner’s ability to exercise control, reduce stress levels, enhance learners’ resilience, enable the use of effective coping skills, serve as a quick response to trauma and maximise the support of family and friends”, DPI said.

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