Accused in brother-in-law’s murder believed to be mentally unstable

-cops to seek psychiatric evaluation

Dead: Justin Peterkin

The suspect in custody for the murder of Paradise, East Coast Demerara resident Justin Peterkin, who was bludgeoned and chopped to death on Monday morning, is suspected to be mentally unstable, a reliable police source has told Stabroek News.

Peterkin, 39, of Paradise, East Coast Demerara, who was a father of two and an electrician by trade, was gruesomely murdered by his brother-in-law for reasons unknown.

According to the police source, investigators have been working to ascertain the motive of the murder from the suspect, who was taken into custody on Monday, but they were unable to attain a detailed statement from him given his disposition.

According to the source, they will have to seek a psychiatric evaluation to determine how they will proceed with the investigation.

The attack occurred around 8.30 am, when police say Peterkin and the suspect, who has been identified as Anthony King, of Princes Street, Wortmanville, were visiting the  family home of Peterkin’s wife, Cassandra King, located at 1323 Section ‘C’ Block ‘Y’ Golden Grove.

Police said in a statement that their investigations revealed that Peterkin and the suspect visited the Golden Grove property and soon after the occupants [the owner and Cassandra King] left for work. An eyewitness subsequently saw the suspect chopping his in-law in the yard, police added.

An alarm was raised and the suspect was promptly arrested by the police who were summoned, the police added.

Stabroek News learnt that Peterkin was first attacked with a hammer and after falling unconscious, the suspect used a chopper to inflict wounds to his body. From all indications, Peterkin was attacked at the entrance of the home and was found in a pool of blood.

Cassandra King on Monday said she was unclear what may have triggered the attack on Peterkin.  She recounted that she was at work when she got a call. “All the person saying on the phone, ‘I sorry! I sorry!’ When I get here, I see this… I am sorry! Please tell his mother I am sorry…,’” she said, while noting that she suspected the caller was her brother.

She said to her knowledge there was no dispute between Peterkin and her brother.

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