GuySuCo worker accused of causing Industry collision

Damage to the body of the car resulting from the collision with the pick-up.

A young woman and her family are thankful for life after suffering minor injuries from a vehicular collision, which was the result of the alleged reckless driving of an employee of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) yesterday afternoon.

Stabroek News was informed that the accident occurred around 2 pm at an intersection at Industry, where a pick-up bearing license plate PPP 6412, allegedly the property of GuySuCo, slammed into the right side of a car and left the three occupants of the car traumatised.

Kezia Joseph, one of the occupants of the car, related that at the time of the accident, she was seated in the front passenger seat of the vehicle, while her grandmother was seated in the back. The car was being driven by her mother.

They were reportedly heading east along the northern carriageway of the Railway Embankment, when the pick-up slammed into them.

“The driver attempted to turn right into the Industry Crown Dam road. She [Joseph’s mother] had signaled the turn since several car lengths before actually making the turn. The road was clear on both sides and so she turned, but as she was completing the turn, [the pick-up’s driver]… sped past several cars that were in a line on the road behind us and attempted to overtake us right on the junction as we were turning. As a result, he slammed into the driver’s side on the right of our car. It caused us to lose control of the vehicle and careen out into the road. The vehicle ended up coming to a stop along the right side of Railway Embankment,” Joseph related.

“Eyewitnesses on the scene claimed that [the pick-up’s driver] was driving in a reckless manner and appeared intoxicated in the way that he was maneuvering. He had crossed the solid double lines and was trying to overtake right in the middle of the intersection,” the traumatised young woman added, while noting that her family could have been killed.

At the time of the accident, her grandmother was being transported to the People’s Assembly of God Church in Industry, where there was a church convention.

Stabroek News understands that the parties were taken to the Turkeyen Police Station, where they statements and the driver of the pick-up was placed on $20,000 station bail.

It was noted too, that the police at Turkeyen were unable to perform a breathalyser test on the allegedly reckless driver, as they did not have the required instruments.

Joseph claimed that her mother received injuries to her neck and back during the accident.


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