Man accused of selling stolen car parts online granted bail

Alberto DeFreitas

A man who was accused of robbing another of close to $200,000 worth of car parts and reselling them online, yesterday claimed that the articles were sold to him.

Alberto DeFreitas, 29, allegedly robbed Michael De Jesus of two amplifiers, a car battery, a capacitor and a bass box; a total value of $183,000 in car parts.

The father of four pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was represented by attorney Paul Fung-A-Fat, who requested from Magistrate Fabayo Azore of the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court that reasonable bail be granted.

Fung-A Fat also added that his client bought the articles from a man and advertised them on Facebook for sale. He related that De Jesus then saw the items on sale and claimed that they belonged to him.

DeFreitas was placed on $75,000 bail and told to return to court on November 28 for his next hearing.


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