Red Creek’s HEYS scheme gets a boost

Some of the sewing machines (DPI photo)

As the government continues skills training via the Hinterland Employment and Youth Service (HEYS) programme, residents of the Red Creek community in Region Eight received equipment to begin sewing and carpentry workshops.

A team from the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs handed over the equipment which included, sewing machine, a generator, carpentry tools among others, a release from the Department of Public Information said yesterday.

Minister within Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Valerie Garrido-Lowe said that the initiative, which is geared at creating an enabling environment allowing the participants to be self-sufficient, is a beacon for many youths in the hinterland.

“In this community, it is challenging for the children to attend school since they do not have transportation to attend school and the nearest village from here is Paramakatoi … It takes about two to three hours to reach Paramakatoi. So, they are unable to go to school. What HEYS has been doing since it is a flexible programme is allowing the facilitators to teach the children,” Garrido-Lowe said.

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