Corentyne residents fearful after robberies

- calling for more police patrols

Sasewattie Singh

The residents of Bushlot Farm and neighbouring villages on the Corentyne are calling on the police in ‘B’ Division to beef up patrols and their policing tactics in the area, after at least three robberies in the past several days.

The latest victim, Sasewattie Singh also known as “Pammo”, 37, of Lot 127 Bushlot Farm, Corentyne, explained that around 10.45 pm on Tuesday, her son was sitting in the hammock under her bottom house, when two masked men armed with handguns invaded their home.

“Me hear people a talk and me come out me bed and say ‘Suraj, who da?’, by time me say da them man done reach up a inside step and point the gun at me”.

She noted, that one stood guard over her son, 19, and daughter, 15, while the other demanded cash and jewellery from her. “He get me a search, he say he want all the jewel and all the money”, she relayed.

The men escaped with over $500,000 in gold jewellery, $45,000 in cash and five cellular phones.

The single mother of two is calling on the police to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Meanwhile, the police are also investigating three other robberies in the area.

Stabroek News was told, that on Friday at 10 pm, three masked men, two armed with handguns and the third with a cutlass, pounced on a Maida Farm family, robbing them of two gold rings valued $40,000, four Brazilian bangles valued $20,000, $6,000 in cash and two cellular phones.

On Saturday around 1.45 am also at Maida Farm, Corentyne, three masked men, two armed with handguns and the third with a cutlass, robbed a family of four cellular phones valued at $250,000, $53,000 in cash, one laptop computer and a quantity of jewellery.

Meanwhile, on Sunday last around 11 pm, a Fyrish Village couple was on a motorcycle in front of a grocery store in the said area, when three men ambushed and robbed them of $15,000 in cash and one cellular phone.

Stabroek News was told yesterday, that several persons have been questioned in relation to the robberies. Active investigations are presently ongoing, the source noted.

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