National parties’ political baggage no good for communities, independent city candidate says

-former independent turned AFC contestant renews bid to serve residents

Mayo Robertson

Saying that communities would not benefit from importing the political conflict between APNU and the PPP/C, attorney Mayo Robertson is contesting as an independent candidate in Georgetown’s Constituency Nine, which comprises Lodge North to Meadowbrook Gardens, at  Monday’s local government polls.

Robertson, in an interview with Stabroek News, explained that he is running as an independent candidate because he believes it would be better for the community to have an individual who is not being controlled by any major political parties serving the people. “I believe that the national political parties have such a strong history of non-cooperation and if we import them into our local communities, what we would in fact be doing is importing the same type of political tribalism. And I don’t believe the communities are well served by that type of interaction between the major parties at the local level,” he said. “I believe that an independent can listen and respond to the concerns and wishes of the constituents in a more direct and expeditious manner, without having to run it through any party hierarchy,” he added.

The attorney said if elected he plans to tackle multiple issues within the constituency, like drainage, crime and ensuring safe spaces for young people…..

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