Corentyne family calling for probe into fisherman’s death

Radesh Narine

A Corentyne, Berbice family is calling on investigators attached to the Whim Police Station to thoroughly investigate the death of their relative, a fisherman, since they suspect that something is amiss.

The relatives said that the deceased’s  colleagues have  given three different stories of what transpired out at sea that led to the death of their relative.

The body of Radesh Narine, also known as “Bunga”, 43, of Alness Village, Corentyne, was brought from sea through a channel at Bushlot Village, Corentyne on Friday morning.

His colleagues reportedly told relatives that the man suffered a seizure and jumped overboard. However, relatives began to suspect that something was amiss after another fisherman on the boat told them that Narine “trip out and jump overboard”.

Relatives noted, that this immediately seemed odd to them since their brother for all of his life never suffered from any seizure or mental illness.

However, it was when a third story emerged from another one of the fishermen who was on the boat, that relatives began to question what really had transpired out at sea.

Narine’s older brother yesterday told Stabroek News that he was the first person to arrive at Bushlot Village, Corentyne, when his brother was brought from sea. He said, he cornered the youngest fisherman, who was on the boat, who told him that he heard his brother screaming ‘don’t beat me’.

The man said, “He tell me how me brother scream ‘don’t beat, don’t beat me’ and he been deh top the cabin that he na want work no more and then he jump overboard… “.

The long-time fisherman added, “Me know that water current and them telling me my brother dive under the boat, me na believe that. Them claim them tie some rope and dive overboard and feel underneath the water and find me brother”.

Additionally, the man pointed out, that the fishermen on the boat claimed, that his brother jumped overboard around 5 am and before 8 am on Friday  they had already brought him to shore.

According to another one of Narine’s brothers, Jaidari Narine also known as “Abai”, 51, on Tuesday last the now dead man was forced to head out to sea to fish.

The man explained that the captain of the boat, which his brother was working on, passed by his (Jaidari’s) house and asked for the whereabouts of his brother. “He ask me where Bunga deh and me tell he me na know, he had one long piece wood in he hand and he tell me how Bunga borrow money from him and when he catch Bunga he go beat him”.

Stabroek News was told that it has been close to one year now, since Narine had headed out to sea to fish.

According to information gathered, investigators on Friday took statements from the two fishermen who brought out the dead man. However, on Friday afternoon, they were released to go out back to sea.

The deceased’s brother said, “I don’t know how them can allow them to just go out back to sea like that”.

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