Fly Jamaica crash: ‘It’s a miracle we survived’ –passenger

-carry on bag with cash, jewellery missing

Davanan Sukhram

“It’s a miracle that we survived. Thank you God”, were the words of Davanan Sukhram, one of the passengers aboard the Fly Jamaica flight which crash-landed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri last Friday.

He is eagerly waiting to return to Canada.

Recollecting the events of that early morning, Sukhram, 55, yesterday stated that around 2 am on the day, he and other passengers boarded the Fly Jamaica flight.

“There was a problem with the plane before it took off”, he said, adding that some time was spent in an attempt to fix the issue.

Sukhram recalled hearing a grinding noise while the plane was on the runway but when the plane took off he noted that everything was okay. Having spent about 20 to 25 minutes in the air, Sukhram said that the passengers were told that the plane was going to turn around. On their way back to CJIA he stated that the plane was going in head up and tail down. When the plane finally touched the runway, Sukhram described its landing as a bumper ball, bouncing a lot. It was at this moment that he assumed the pilot made an attempt to stop the plane. Bags from the overhead compartments began to fall, while a door from a compartment hit two women then struck him in the back of his head and neck…..

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