Local Government Elections Results 2018 – Georgetown SOPs

The following are preliminary results from the Statements of Poll (SOPs) posted outside polling stations in the Municipality of Georgetown as they become available to Stabroek News.

Members of the public are reminded that these figures are not indicative of a trend but merely reflect the results from individual stations.

Constituency No. 1

Polling StationDivision No.Jai Narine Singh – JNSMalcolm Patrick Defreitas – MPDMohamed Shazam Isehani – PPP/CNatoya Alicia Gibson – AFCUbai Narine – APNU
Kingston Sec.4135211615
Kingston Sec.413111B3319636
Christ Church Sec.413142D51191033
St Gabriel413131E3016432

Constituency No. 2

Polling StationDivision No.Arnold Damion Sukhraj (AFC)Fay Ingrid Clarke (JA)Nalissa Patricia Ferguson (PPP/CShondel Yveonette Hope (APNU)Yenchandra Bharat Rambarran (D)
FE Pollard Primary413212A & B13626981
FE Pollard Primary413212E4226170
FE Pollard Primary413212C6419130
Rama Krishna Primary413213A (A-K)4032250
Rama Krishna Primary413213A6243160
Rama Krishna Primary413213B10162271
Rama Krishna Primary413213C10152281
Rama Krishna Primary413213D304980
JE Burnham Primary413211B (L-Y)916401
JE Burnham Primary413211B (A-K)4919480

Constituency No. 3

Polling StationDivision No.Accabre Paul Hubert Cheddi Sepaul (AKHCS)Astell Kirk Collins (APNU)Christopher Andrew Heywood (CAH)Dimitre Karmal Ali (PPP/C)Patricia Elizabeth Helwig (AFC)
Redeemer Primary413231B (M-Y)1266614
Redeemer Primary413231B (M-y)21130631
Redeemer Primary413231C4256493
New Campbellville Sec.413232C0131103
New Campbellville Sec.413232E478292
New Campbellville Sec.413232E (I-Y)6621144
New Campbellville Sec.413233E (A-N)0161554
New Campbellville Sec.413233C0122853
New Campbellville Sec.413233A182861
New Campbellville Sec.413233A172551

Constituency No. 4

Polling Station Alfred Mentore (APNU)Louis Owen Peter Nestor (SCGC)Michael Okomfo Williams (NW)Patrick Neville De Santos (PPP/C)Phyllis Joyce Jordon (ND)Renata Ana Chuck A Sang (AFC)
St. Winefred Sec.413252g35153118
St. Winefred Sec.413252f (a-j)313013211
St. Winefred Sec. 413252b441111955
St. Winefred Sec.413252f (k-y)39102245
Tomorrow’s Daycare413252a (a-l)13202373
Tomorrow’s Daycare413252a10303672

Constituency No. 5

Polling Station Akeem Winslow Cennick Peter (APNU)Dion Younge (PPP/C)James Emanuel Hermanstein (SLPDG)Vashti Harris (AFC)
Sophia Primary413332B809119
Sophia Primary413332B (P-S)5471510
Sophia Primary413332B (j-O)7561211
Sophia Primary413332A55964
Sophia Primary413332A (M-Y)671023
Sophia Primary413332B653158
Sophia Special413342b1121107
Sophia Special413342b871613
Mercy Wings413333B (A-H)498236
Mercy Wings413333B (I-Y)3118155

Constituency No. 6

Polling StationDivision No.Andrea Anetta Marks (APNU)Param Persaud (PPP/C)Sylvester agustus Shim (AFC)
Graham’s Hall Primary413321 (A-H)35239
Graham’s Hall Primary413321 (N-Y)513210
Graham’s Hall Primary413322A (A-L)55816
Graham’s Hall Primary413322A (M-Z)58810
Cummings Lodge Sec.413331C31430
Cummings Lodge Sec.413331D20634
Cummings Lodge Sec.413331C31583
Cummings Lodge Sec.413331B (M-Z)1961
Cummings Lodge Sec.413331B (A-L)01022
Cummings Lodge Sec.413322b (a – m)31064
Cummings Lodge Sec.413322b (n – z)21102
Cummings Lodge Sec.413331a (a-l)20513
Cummings Lodge Sec.413331a (m-y)29605
C Field Nursery413332C (m-R)62234
C Field Nursery413332C (A-B)58135
C Field Nursery413332C (g – i)54115
C Field Nursery413332C (c-f)6566
C Field Nursery413332C (j – l)34152
C Field Nursery413332C (s – y)50216

Constituency No. 7

Polling StationDivision No.Bishram Salamaya Kuppen (PPP/C)Ivelaw Everton Henry (APNU)Le Sante Latoya Marks (AFC)
GPSU 1413712 B & D196112
St Barnabus 312210

Constituency No. 8

Polling Station    

Constituency No. 9

Polling Station    

Constituency No. 10

Polling StationDivision No.Brittany Lisa Eversley – AFCHeston Raymond Bostwick – APNURon Jason Amos – PPP/C
Charlestown Sec.413652C27429
Selman Fraser Nur.413651G11293
Caramel Sec.413651145442
Ketley Pri.115119

Constituency No. 11

Polling StationDivision No.Eon Archibald Andrews – NHJason Christopher Herbert – URPMark Anthony Persaud – PPP/CQuincy Clive Leon Alleyne – AFCYvonne Ingrid Ferguson – APNU
St. Pius Pri.41364211031185
St. Pius Pri.413642018461
St. Pius Pri.413642G (A-J)08101392
East La – Riverview413642E (A – K)02131153
East La – Riverview413642F206877
Six Head Gym413642 (A-K)3213834
Chilly’s Bar413471A2062520
Chilly’s Bar413471B21311017
Old Mosque413472e00107210
Old Mosque413472a1033216
Old Mosque 006516
Old Mosque413472b1057011
Old Mosque413472d3172626
Transfig. Annex4136411202045
Transfig. Annex413641b1108581
Transfig. Annex413641c1112758

Constituency No. 12

Polling StationDivision No.Brian David Nobriega (AFC)Hubert Maloney (HS)Maxine Donnetta Padmore (PPP/C)Patricia Veronica Chase-Green (APNU)
St Christopher Nursery413411 H201075
St Christopher Nursery 220193
St Christopher Nursery413411H (A-L)240185
Tucville Secondary413411G (J-Y)320474
Tucville Secondary413411G ((A-J)372289
Tucville Secondary413411F160372
Tucville Primary413411C240376
Tucville Primary413411D60626
Tucville Primary413411E81249
Minicipal Health Centre413421B (L-Z)162362
George’s Residence413422a (a-h)240461

Constituency No. 13

Polling StationDivision No.Alana Persaud (PPP/C)Jewula Angela Ceasar (AFC)Trichria Anndella Richards (APNU
R/Veldt Life Improvement Centre413482G (A-N)22753
Ascension Sec.413481D519100
Ascension Sec.41348111157
Ascension Sec.413481E (L-Y)51366
Ascension Sec.413481E (A-K)51078
West Ruimveldt Pri.413481a (a-k)16231
West Ruimveldt Pri.413481a (l-y)26229
West Ruimveldt Pri.413481b7619
East Ruimveldt Centre413482b (a-g)11549
East Ruimveldt Centre413482a141954
East Ruimveldt Centre 413482b (h-y)62069
East Ruimveldt sec. 413482d2870
East Ruimveldt sec. 41376
East Ruimveldt sec.4134821560
East Ruimveldt sec. 41348241567
East Ruimveldt sec. 31170
East Ruimveldt sec.41348221193

Constituency No. 14

Polling StationDivision No.Denroy Lindon Tudor (APNU)Juliet Patricia Julian (AFC)Sixtus Patrick Edwards (PPP/C)
Moravian Church413441B48201
Moravian Church413441D59161
South R/Veldt Primary413431A68132
South R/Veldt Primary413431B5083
South R/Veldt Primary413431B (K-Z)48112
South R/Veldt Primary413431C (A-K)51152
South R/Veldt Primary413431C (L-Y)5691
Roxanne Burnham Nur.413452 a-k5482
Roxanne Burnham Nur.41345157362

Constituency No. 15

Polling Station Cilesia Akima Hall (APNU)Michael Sahadeo Moonsammy (PPP/C)UFAX Horton Branche (AFC)
Houston Sec.413513B314912
Houston Sec.413513C273321
Houston Sec.413513A243135
Houston Nurs. 413512A27125
St ann’s primary4135119278
St ann’s primary 413511D53104
St ann’s primary413511E5153
St ann’s primary413511F7019
Agricola PIC4135229134
Agricola Nurs.413512c30178
Agricola Pri.413511a381212
Agricola Pri.413511a35112


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