Aviation officer gets two years for causing pedestrian’s death

Jamale Lowe

A two-year sentence was yesterday handed down to an aviation officer for causing the death of a pedestrian three months ago due to dangerous driving.

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan handed down the sentence for the crime to Jamale Lowe, of 1433 Farm, East Bank Demerara.

Lowe was convicted at the conclusion of a trial for driving BVV 2848 in a manner dangerous to the public at Covent Garden Public Road, East Bank Demerara, thereby causing the death of Franklyn Dover on August 8th.

Dover, 43, of Lot ‘L’ First Street, Bartica, was struck down around 8 pm on Wednesday, August 8th and he succumbed to his injuries at approximately 11.15 pm on the same day at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

It was the prosecution’s case that Lowe, driving minibus BVV 2848, was proceeding south along the western lane of the eastern carriageway of the road when he struck Dover, who was running across the road.

Dover was picked up and rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Hospital in an unconscious state and subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he died while receiving medical attention.

In delivering the verdict, the Chief Magistrate stated that based on the damage seen on the defendant’s vehicle, it was clear that he drove his bus into the deceased and only stopped after the collision. The magistrate noted that as a result there were no skid marks at the scene when the area was visited by police ranks.

The Chief Magistrate stated that it was Lowe’s case that Dover ran into his bus. However, the court disbelieved his evidence, saying that his driving was objectively dangerous to the public and that because of how he drove he was solely responsible for Dover’s death.

Upon these grounds, Lowe was found guilty of the crime.

A plea of mitigation was later made by Lowe’s attorney, Clevaun Humphrey, who stated that his client was the sole breadwinner for his family. The attorney further noted that when the accident occurred, Lowe would have done everything in his power to ensure that the deceased was taken to the hospital in a timely manner. He added that his client would have indicated to the court his regret and the fact that he was distraught over Dover’s death.

Having heard from the attorney, the Chief Magistrate, prior to sentencing Lowe, said that she took into consideration his lawyer’s plea of mitigation, the prevalence of the offence and the seriousness of the offence. Lowe was then sentenced to two years in jail.

The police’s case was led by Inspector Neville Jeffers.

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