Suspect to be charged with Parika woman’s murder

Dead Romeza Sukdeo

A man is expected to be charged soon with the murder of a Parika, East Bank Essequibo woman, whose lifeless body was found under a tree in the vicinity of Hydronie Market Road, Parika, on Sunday.

The deceased has been identified as 22-year-old Romeza Sukdeo.

Sukdeo’s partially decomposed body was found on Sunday by a security guard working in the area. After spotting the body among a clump of bushes, the guard alerted the police.

An autopsy conducted by government pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh gave the cause of Sukdeo’s death as strangulation and blunt trauma to the head. The results of the autopsy changed the direction of the investigation and Commander of ‘D’ Division Edmond Cooper said the suspect was arrested and he remains in police custody. He pointed out that charges are likely to be instituted soon as investigators are wrapping up the probe.

Following the discovery of the young woman’s body, the deceased’s mother, Naimawattie Persaud, positively identified her. Persaud, police said, told investigators her daughter did not live with her and would spend most of her time on the road.

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