Over $1M in valuables stolen in Lusignan Golf Club burglary

Valuables worth over $1 million have been reported stolen from the Lusignan Golf Club, following a burglary sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning.

Club Secretary Rabindranauth Persaud yesterday told Stabroek News that a worker discovered the burglary yesterday morning, when he noticed that several items were missing.

Persaud said the club alerted him and he in turn informed the police and he subsequently went with law enforcers to the crime scene.

He said there were no signs of forced entry at the clubhouse but the lock to a bond door was broken.

Persaud opined that someone got hold of the keys to the clubhouse, entered and removed the valuables.

The stolen items include two grass cutting machines, a tractor battery, a flat screen television, a gas bottle, a charger for a golf cart and liquor. Persaud noted that it was the second television to be stolen in a month.

Stabroek News was told that it is the fifth case of theft since the club fired two watchmen last year. As a result, several members have expressed concern that the club’s assets are not being properly protected.

The guards, who were fired on theft allegations, had taken the club to the Department of Labour for compensation.

After the fourth break in, the club’s executive took security measures, including the installation of grills and surveillance cameras around the facility.

This burglary comes at a time when the club is facing financial challenges. This week, members of the ground staff were told there was no more work as the club was cash strapped.  

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