Moruca man undergoes facial reconstructive surgeries after brutal attack

-family seeks suspect’s arrest

A family is pleading for justice for a Moruca, North West District man, who was savagely beaten by a career criminal early last month, resulting in him having to undergo facial reconstructive surgeries.

Romaldeen Shahabodeen, 33, was discovered unconscious at the side of a road in the Kumaka Market area, during the evening hours of October 11th, 2018.

Based on his injuries, doctors initially thought he was a victim of a hit and run. However, the man would later reveal that he had been attacked while talking to a patron at a local bar.

Ave Shahabodeen, the man’s sister, told Sunday Stabroek that based on the details provided by her brother, he had spent the afternoon at the Kumaka ballfield spectating school athletics before making his way to a local bar.

She stated that shortly after entering the bar, Romaldeen began conversing with a female patron when his assailant, who was identified, accosted him. “He went up to him and shook him out of the bar. He said (name given) then lashed him across the face with something and that’s the last thing he remember,” the woman said.

According to Ave, her brother was found in an unconscious state at the side of the road by police officers about an hour after, and he was taken to the Kumaka District Hospital, where doctors first assumed that he was a victim of a hit and run accident as he had injuries that indicated he was dragged and/or ran over by a vehicle.

 On the same evening, he was transferred to the Charity Hospital, where he was told that they do not have the necessary equipment to treat him, and then to the Suddie Hospital, where the same sentiments were reiterated.

As a result, the injured man was transferred again, this time to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH), where he arrived just after 8 am the following morning, having travelled all night.

It was after being admitted to the GPH, where doctors relayed their suspicions that he had been run over, that Romaldeen reportedly disclosed that he was also beaten.

 According to the man’s sister, doctors at the GPH disclosed that he suffered injuries which indicated he had been beaten and possibly run over as well.

Commenting on the injuries her brother suffered, the woman said he has since had to undergo two reconstructive surgeries to the left side of his face, including one that was done to reattach his left eyelid, which had been almost completely torn off. Additionally, he suffered fractured ribs and portions of the skin from his back had been peeled off during what doctors assumed was him being dragged on the ground. He was also unable to walk for three weeks. Following Romaldeen’s revelation that he was attacked, a report was made to the Acquero Police station, but though the suspect was taken into custody, he was released a day later.

Ave explained that while numerous attempts were made to engage police on the status of the investigation, they have proven to be futile.

Knowing the suspect is still roaming the area freely while her brother now has to endure permanent scars has been frustrating for her family, the woman said.

She also explained that her brother, who was employed as a cook with Guyana Goldfields up to the time of the attack, has not returned to Moruca as he is expected to attend clinic every day to change the dressings on the wounds to his face.

Meanwhile, this newspaper has been able to establish that the suspect is no stranger to the court, as he had been charged with armed robbery on several occasions, with some cases dating as far back as 2008.

Sunday Stabroek understands that less than one week prior to the attack in Moruca, the suspect had appeared at the Leonora Magistrate’s Court in relation to a charge of aggravated robbery. He was subsequently granted bail in a substantial amount.

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