Accused found guilty of Annandale shopkeeper’s murder

Kamal Ramsahoye

Phillip Paul, called “Shoe-lace,” was yesterday afternoon convicted for the 2012 murder of Annandale shopkeeper Kamal Ramsahoye.

After about two hours of deliberations, the 12-member jury that heard Paul’s case found him guilty as charged of committing the capital offence during the course of a robbery.

Upon the request of defence attorney Brandon DeSantos, Justice Sandil Kissoon, who presided over the trial has, deferred sentencing until December 3rd to facilitate the presentation of a probation report.

The state’s case was led by prosecutor Lisa Cave, who appeared in association with Orinthia Schmidt.

Ramsahoye, 38, was found dead in his fortress-like residence at Droom Street, North Annandale, East Coast Demerara.

A post-mortem examination conducted on the man’s body revealed that he had been stabbed 10 times and that he died from shock and haemorrhaging due to massive blood loss.

Family members had expressed bewilderment that Ramsahoye could have been murdered inside his home by intruders since his house was a virtual fortress.

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